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Gel Hand Sanitizer Refill
Gel Hand Sanitizer Refill
Gel Hand Sanitizer Refill

Gel Hand Sanitizer Refill

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Gel Hand sanitizer Refill

Sanitizers have become a Hot commodity lately, however, what remains the same is that most people think that traditional sanitizers smell gross and leave hands super dry! Therefore we are interrupting this market with our game-changing solution. Not only does it smell amazing but because it leaves your hands soft, you'll want to use it more frequently and we're all for that! 

It's important to stay safe and with our 70% alcohol Health Canada approved gel sanitizers, you get great protection without sacrifice. We have formulated with natural moisturizers like aloe juice and vegetable glycerin so say goodbye to post-sanitizer ashy hands. You're going to enjoy using this product. Travel safely with our minis or grab our 4 oz sizes to put your mind at ease while keeping your family safe.

In conclusion, you no longer have to choose between having sanitized AND/OR moisturized hands!  This product will certainly become a staple for your home enjoyment or for you to refill your minis when they run out.

Kills germs. Health Canada approved. Convenient. Essential.

4 oz each. 

Available in three amazing scents: Vanilla Mint Martini, Sun Kissed Ting, and Coco Margarita.  Don’t worry, these scents are not overpowering. You'll love them all

Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare


medical ingredient: 70% Isopropyl alcohol

Non-medical: Distilled water, Aloe Juice, Propanediol, Witch Hazel Water, Natural Preservative, Natural fragrance, Thickening agent, Vegetable Glycerin, Peppermint essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Wintergreen.


We provide quality natural ingredients with visible results. No fluff.

Why Unforgivingly Pur.

Curated Natural Scents

Our scents are bold. Our scents are delicious. Our scents are Unforgivingly Pur. We ensure that we not only use natural fragrances over synthetic ones, but that we curate each scent to tickle, soothe, or uplift your mood.

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Everyone has their own definition of luxury and for us you can't have luxury without culture. Our mission is to challenge cultural beauty standards and elevate natural ingredients to create products that will remind you of where you are from.

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